Amanda Allen

Realise PT

Inspirational Athlete, Trainer, Coach and Presenter, Amanda Allen, has been helping people achieve athletic goals, peak performance, weight-loss, health, vitality and work-life balance for many years. Her passion is to pass-on the benefits of her achievements, experiences and skills - to those looking for meaningful, positive change in their lives and workplaces. Amanda is a rare breed of coach, bringing together high level sporting performance, wholistic health and lifestyle coaching in a very practical, enthusiastic and refreshingly honest manner. At 41 years of age, with little more than 6 months in the sport, Amanda placed 19th at the 2011 Reebok Crossfit Games. In 2011 she also became State and National C1/C2 Canoeing Champion. Not one to do things by halves Amanda is also is a... Read the profile >>

Amanda Chow

Exhale Yoga

Amanda's life commitment is to teaching, inspiring and empowering people to play an active role in their personal well-being so they can live happy, healthy, and fulfilled lives. As a qualified chiropractor and yoga teacher, she has an integrative approach to health. She owns Exhale Yoga studio in Adelaide where she teaches a hatha flow style of yoga, and is the founder of Baby and Me Vitality. This unique program combines the calming and balancing effects of yoga with the safest and most effective techniques of chiropractic to enhance a comfortable and healthy birth and pregnancy. As a mother of three beautiful children, Amanda has a special appreciation of the enriching experience of yoga throughout pregnancy and motherhood. She adores sharing yoga with women during this magical... Read the profile >>

Karen Gunter

Yoga Garage

Karen began practicing yoga in 1986 to help manage chronic knee pain and soon found that practice not only cured her of any knee pain, but also improved her overall physical & emotional health. Introduced to Ashtanga in 2003, this practice felt like "coming home". The vinyasa approach of breath and movement linking together and its meditative quality, calming and soothing the nervous system whilst quietening and steadying the mind remains central to her practice and teaching. She is committed to teaching yoga that caters to the needs of each individual, respecting that each of us is unique. In this way Karen believes that yoga is a gift for life - able to be practiced from 3 to 103! Karen welcomes the opportunity to break down those barriers and preconceived ideas that many... Read the profile >>

Linda Carofano

Bikram Yoga Adelaide

Linda has always been an active person. From the young age of 9 she began participating in competitive aerobics as apart of a team until the age of 17. “Our team travelled all over Australia competing at a national level. It was such a great opportunity to belong to a team, stay healthy and travel with our families and friends.” Linda stopped participating in aerobics when she began her university education at Flinders University studying Speech Pathology. “It was a demanding full-time course that took up most of my time.” Throughout her university studies Linda worked at Sportsgirl. Linda found yoga 4 years ago while talking to one of her friends saying, “I would like to try yoga but I don’t know where to go, I’ve never done it before?” She said, “You should try... Read the profile >>

Mark Cherrett

Soul Train

Mark began his career in professional career in fitness just over two short years ago. However, his personal fitness journey started 7 years ago when he lost a staggering 60kg! Mark’s lifestyle went from being completely unhealthy and sedentary to fitness and well-being being a part of his everyday life. Mark, knowing the struggles and the triumphs of weight loss, wanted to share his experience with others. After 6 years travelling the high seas as a Singer on Cruise ships, Mark moved to Australia and became a qualified Personal Trainer in 2011. Since then, he has embraced all this amazing industry has to offer. He is a qualified level 2 Kettlebell instructor, certified in Bosu and Vipr, a certified Altitude Trainer, a cerfified Punchfit trainer, certified in TRX group suspension... Read the profile >>

Matt Jones


Position: Head Coach, ISOHEALTH® (based in Adelaide, South Australia) Modalities: Teaches & coaches Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), Self Defence, Stand-up Coaching Highlights: - Founded ISOHEALTH® from scratch and has trained the ISOHEALTH® BJJ team to be the only team to have twice been crowned as South Australia’s State Champion BJJ Team - Has coached his students to over 50 Gold, over 40 Silver and over 30 Bronze Medals in State Championship BJJ competition - Has coached his students to win numerous Gold, Silver & Bronze medals in BJJ at the Pan-Pacific and Australian Championship level - In 2011 coached one of his ISOHEALTH’ers to their first “Fighter of the Night” win in a full-contact kickboxing (San-Shou) event - Contributor for Blitz Magazine and Inside MMA... Read the profile >>

Nadine Welke

Strength From Within

Making a difference in people’s lives inspires and drives me. And in the process of doing so, I learn more about who I am……and who I am is evolving moment to moment. My working life has been varied and colourful! I graduated from university with a degree in jewellery design and worked in a jeweller’s shop for a few years. My Dad thought it was time to get out of my comfort zone so he pointed me to an ad in the paper for an English Instructor position in Japan. Two and a half years later I came back to Adelaide, bought a car and let my hair down for a few months. Then the opportunity came up to move to Sydney. For the next two and a half years I jumped and danced around on stages across Australia in hot, furry bear suits, though on occasions I was a rat ;) It was on one of... Read the profile >>

Nic Deduhin

InBody Health & Fitness

Nic has been training and motivating clients since 2005. Delivering an all encompassing, holistic approach to fitness and nutrition, Nic has guided clients of all ages and abilities in achieving their personal fitness goals. With a genuine passion for self-development and a healthy lifestyle, Nic thoroughly enjoys and sharing his experiences and passing on his wealth of knowledge. “I’m a big believer in an 80% - 20% approach to fitness and lifestyle. Based on positive thinking, we determine your ‘key goals’ and build a realistic path to success.” – Nicholai Deduhin Nic’s broader education and experience is un-paralleled in the Personal Training industry. Specialist training in weight-loss, rehabilitation, athletic lifting and kickboxing guarantees outstanding... Read the profile >>

Youngblood Roche

Adelaide Ashtanga Yoga Shala

Growing up in a house surrounded by dance and yoga it would be easy to think that Youngblood started practicing Ashtanga from an early age. “My parents definitely got us involved in an active lifestyle. We did karate, gymnastics, football, volleyball, I even played tennis for my high-school for a season. But they never forced us to do any one sport. Even though they were dancers and yogis themselves, my parents always encouraged us to do the things we loved. And since I didn’t know what I really loved yet, I just kept looking.” After graduating with degrees in both Advertising and Anthropology, Youngblood moved from Adelaide back to the States where he worked as a copywriter at an advertising agency in Washington, DC. “That was a big point of change for me in my life. I knew I... Read the profile >>