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Amanda Chow

Amanda's life commitment is to teaching, inspiring and empowering people to play an active role in their personal well-being so they can live happy, healthy, and fulfilled lives.

As a qualified chiropractor and yoga teacher, she has an integrative approach to health. She owns Exhale Yoga studio in Adelaide where she teaches a hatha flow style of yoga, and is the founder of Baby and Me Vitality. This unique program combines the calming and balancing effects of yoga with the safest and most effective techniques of chiropractic to enhance a comfortable and healthy birth and pregnancy. As a mother of three beautiful children, Amanda has a special appreciation of the enriching experience of yoga throughout pregnancy and motherhood. She adores sharing yoga with women during this magical time in their lives.

She has practices yoga for fifteen years and loves the strength and balance it brings to her own busy life. “Yoga reminds me to be in the moment – something that can be easily forgotten in the rush of life. However, my best teachers have been my children, teaching me about patience, joy and unconditional love.”

Amanda encourages her own students to find ease with their breath, find the light in each moment and listen to their inner wisdom throughout their practice, both on and off the mat.