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Karen Gunter


Karen began practicing yoga in 1986 to help manage chronic knee pain and soon found that practice not only cured her of any knee pain, but also improved her overall physical & emotional health.
Introduced to Ashtanga in 2003, this practice felt like "coming home". The vinyasa approach of breath and movement linking together and its meditative quality, calming and soothing the nervous system whilst quietening and steadying the mind remains central to her practice and teaching.

She is committed to teaching yoga that caters to the needs of each individual, respecting that each of us is unique. In this way Karen believes that yoga is a gift for life - able to be practiced from 3 to 103!
Karen welcomes the opportunity to break down those barriers and preconceived ideas that many people have about yoga.

Introducing someone to yoga practice for the first time a joy and a privilege and looks forward to spreading the love of yoga to many new practitioners.

Having a background in nursing, Karen has a particular interest the benefits of yoga practice for people with depression and anxiety, using yoga as therapy and would like to continue study in this area. Providing yoga classes for teenagers at risk is something she would love to develop over the coming year!
Giving them the "tools" to relax, de-stress and feel good about themselves early on can help towards a more positive future.

Karen's personal health goals are to continue yoga practice which teaches her to be patient, understanding and accepting without judgement or expectation (with the added bonus of feeling strong, light and full of energy)

Karen stated, "Yoga continues to be one of the many joys of my life and I feel privileged to be able to share my passion for yoga with others."

Karen currently teaches regular classes at her Belair studio Yoga Garage, offers private & corporate classes, runs weekend yoga retreats at Port Elliot, works with professional sportsmen & women to help improve their performance and prevent injury & teaches children from kindy to year 12 at schools around Adelaide.