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Linda Carofano

Linda has always been an active person. From the young age of 9 she began participating in competitive aerobics as apart of a team until the age of 17. “Our team travelled all over Australia competing at a national level. It was such a great opportunity to belong to a team, stay healthy and travel with our families and friends.” Linda stopped participating in aerobics when she began her university education at Flinders University studying Speech Pathology. “It was a demanding full-time course that took up most of my time.” Throughout her university studies Linda worked at Sportsgirl.

Linda found yoga 4 years ago while talking to one of her friends saying, “I would like to try yoga but I don’t know where to go, I’ve never done it before?” She said, “You should try Bikram yoga, you sweat a lot, it’s such a good work out and you feel so good after.” So Linda went along a few days later and fell in love! She began by practising 2-3 times a week which quickly turned into 5-7 times a week. “I fell in love with the amazing feeling you get once you have finished class….. calm, energised, clean, strong and flexible. Overtime Linda began to love practising more and more. She began participating in any seminars that came to Australia and also went to Palm Springs for an advanced seminar with Bikram himself.

Linda has competed twice in the Bishnu Charan Ghosh Cup held annually as an Australian wide competition. She won the Australian title in November 2009 and was given the amazing opportunity to go to compete in the international competition held in Los Angeles in February 2010 where she placed 13th. “It was such an amazing and inspiring experience. Yoga competition for me is all about myself. I love setting goals and strive to improve in all areas of my life. Leading up to competitions my practise and determination improves. While I am on stage and watching other people compete I remember why I love yoga so much. It takes a positive attitude, stillness of the mind and strength and flexibility of the body to be able to stand on stage by yourself and show everyone what you love to do. I have always felt a tremendous sense of achievement once I have done my routine no matter what the result. “

Linda went to Bikram Yoga teacher training in September 2010 in San Diego. “It is a 9 week intensive course which consists of 2 yoga classes a day, 6 days a week. In between classes we attended posture clinics to learn the dialogue and postures in depth, anatomy lectures and Bikram lectures which covered a range of topics. I learnt so much about yoga, the body, the mind and myself in that time and met some truly incredible and inspiring people. Going to teacher training was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to go!”

Now Linda is teaching at Bikram Yoga Adelaide on 211 Pulteney Street Adelaide. She teaches 5-7 classes a week, practises daily and also works as a paediatric speech pathologist, helping children with speech and language difficulties. “I love teaching Bikram yoga so much. I feel like I know how to help people heal their body and mind and love sharing it with them.”