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Denise Gonzales

Denise began practicing Hot Yoga in February 2010 at Blissful Spirits. After taking a few classes she quickly realized Hot Yoga had not only begun to compliment her current exercise routine but also had a positive effect on her spirit. With the guidance of her teachers Denise was able to heal many aspects of her life through positive affirmations and her yoga practice.

Denise decided to take the teacher training that was being offered at Blissful Spirits in March 2011. “Yoga healed my life” Denise says. During her training she decided to take a leap of faith and leave the career path she had been on to pursue her teaching in hopes of spreading the positive message Yoga carries.

Since then Denise opened herself to experiencing yoga in many different aspects. She first began by working with an integrative therapy clinic. She received her certification in Yoga Therapy through the Cross Country Therapy yoga program. She was able to gain experience in working not only in small class environments but also one on one therapy with patients recovering from neurological disorders. She also gained experience working at La Su Rogers Jiu Jitsu School where she worked with students ranging from ages 5-adult. Denise recently received her certificate to teach level 2-3 Vinyasa through the Barkan Method training.

Denise is currently teaching and managing full time at Blissful Spirits where her passion for sharing yoga healing benefits began. She encourages people from all walks of life to come experience the life changing positive energy Blissful Spirits has to offer.