Amsterdam Showroom

Anat Geiger

I am: Not this hair, I am not this skin, I am the soul that lives within. I love: To love. My favorite food: Sweet potatoes that have spent a couple of hours in the oven My favorite spot in Amsterdam: The Amstel to cycle, the zoo area to walk, Small World to have meetings and lunch My favorite way to sweat: Yoga and dancing How I found lululemon: In San Francisco, next door to my hotel, love at first top A day in the life: Meditation, exercise, eggs, too many emails, Bhagavad Gita, laughter, love, sleep One goal to share: To become kinder and a little more detached Read the profile >>

Angelique Heijligers


I am : Angélique Heijligers My favorite food is sushi & traditional Indonesian food My favorite spot in Amsterdam: after living here for 25 years, it are still the canals that are so magically beautiful I love: my dog Teddy, the dramabeagle How I found lululemon: I just happened to be in Santa Monica when the first lululemon Shop in the US opened its doors. I bought a black pant and was a fan instantly. My favorite item: Run: Inspire Crop – my favorite running tight! A day in my life…: Getting up for an long early morning walk with Teddy, enjoying a big breakfast (my favourite meal of the day!) and then off for a Stadswild workout. One goal to share: Living in Los Angeles. Read the profile >>

Chantal Soeters

I am: Chantal Soeters I love: Living in Amsterdam but I also love escaping from the city and spending my time outside, in nature. I love riding my bike or taking long walks on the beach. If it's a sunny day and I am not teaching, you'll often find me at Aloha Beach in Wijk aan Zee. My favorite food: I love food. Anything made with pure, fresh, simple and honest ingredients. I love crisp clean flavors and I love sharing food. My favorite food is food to share. I just came back from a yoga event in Athens and I really enjoyed our long dinners and sharing food with my friends. Every time we went out for dinner, my Greek friends would order a wide variety of small dishes and we'd end up tasting so many different flavors. It's so much more fun, exciting and relaxing to eat this... Read the profile >>

Danielle De Wildt

Essentrics - Nederland

I am: Danielle de Wildt, I am an Essentrics teacher and Master trainer and I run the European branch of Essentrics. I love: Cooking and eating, travelling to meet old friends and make new ones, learning something new every day & chocolate My favorite food: Healthy AND delicious dishes. With a lead role for vegetables. I love Tex Mex (check out Tomatillo on the Overtoom), hearty salads (love the ones at Vinnies Deli) and yummy desserts with clever replacements for sugar (never throw out an overripe banana!). My favorite spot in Amsterdam: The bridges over the Amstel River. The view of the buildings, the houseboats and the Amsterdam skyline always impresses and inspires me. I find it a tranquil spot in the city. My favorite way to sweat: Essentrics is my staple... Read the profile >>

Juri Klaric


I am: a creative My favorite food is Italian My favorite spot in Amsterdam is Noordermarkt I love "doing" I found lululemon in Santa Monica when they opened the store A day in the life is a day doing things that come my way. I go with the flow. One goal to share: Help people who are stuck. Read the profile >>

Skadi Van Paaschen

I am: Grateful for life, now I love: Cats and yoga My favorite food: Pumpkin My favorite spot in Amsterdam: Biking through the Rijksmuseum tunnel. My favorite way to sweat: Hot yoga How I found lululemon: I discovered lululemon on a yin yoga retreat, in Thailand, in 2008 A day in the life: 5:15- Wake-up 5:30- Do neti pot kriyas 5:45- Meditation practice for 12 minutes 6:00- Bike to de Nieuwe Yogaschool to do my Mysore practices. 9:30- Teach yoga class 11:30- Teach private yoga sessions 13:00- Lunch 14:00- Nap 15:00- preparing my classes. 18:00- Teaching yoga classes 22:00- Back home drink a tea or soup 22:30- Meditation 23:00- Go to sleep One goal to share: Stay with the heart open and live life from there. Read the profile >>

Wilma Werkheim

I am not afraid to sparkle. I love living my life. My favorite food is healthy food and lots of chocolate. My favorite way to sweat is hot yoga, urban training with Angelique and Juri and boxing with my friends in the gym. I found lululemon 15 years ago, when a worked as a stewardess. I bought my first item back than and loved it. A day in my life: I wake up at 6 am, preparing everything for my 3 kids, at 7.30 am I start working; personal training, yoga, coffee, cooking, helping the kids with their homework, boxing and coaching the kids with their hockey training. One goal that I would like to share: Wake up with a smile and go after life! Read the profile >>