Amsterdam : Amsterdam Showroom

Chantal Soeters

I am:
Chantal Soeters

I love:
Living in Amsterdam but I also love escaping from the city and spending my time outside, in nature. I love riding my bike or taking long walks on the beach. If it's a sunny day and I am not teaching, you'll often find me at Aloha Beach in Wijk aan Zee.

My favorite food:
I love food. Anything made with pure, fresh, simple and honest ingredients. I love crisp clean flavors and I love sharing food. My favorite food is food to share. I just came back from a yoga event in Athens and I really enjoyed our long dinners and sharing food with my friends. Every time we went out for dinner, my Greek friends would order a wide variety of small dishes and we'd end up tasting so many different flavors. It's so much more fun, exciting and relaxing to eat this way!

My favorite spot in Amsterdam:
Cottoncake, a small cafe/shop in the Pijp where they serve beautiful, healthy food. They have lots of vegan, gluten free and refined sugar free options on the menu. I live just around the corner and I frequently go there for a green juice or to grab a bite. I love their fresh Spring rolls and quinoa salad.

My favorite way to sweat:
I love a strong Vinyasa flow practice with lots of core work and arm balances. I also feel my best in very hot, dry weather, weather that makes you sweat.

How I found lululemon:
I discovered lululemon In the United States after attending a Yoga Journal Conference in Estes Park, Colorado. The evening before flying home I bought an extra bag (at lululemon) and a bunch of pants, tanks and jackets to take back home. I still use the bag and I have been wearing lululemon ever since. I have experimented with different yoga brands but lululemon is by far the most comfortable brand of yoga wear I have found.

A day in the life:
I get up early, around 6am, and teach my first class at 7am. I often teach a few private clients the morning and then I have what I call my 'siesta', a few hours off to chill out and relax. I often make a big salad for lunch or I experiment with a recipe for my blog. If it's sunny outside, you'll find me outside enjoying the sun, in the park or on a sunny terrace. I like to write or read. If I have a little more time on my hands, I take my mountain bike and follow the Amstel river out of the city or I escape to the beach. In the late afternoon or early evening, I step on my yoga mat and practice for a few hours. In the evening I either teach another yoga class or meet up with one of my health coaching clients. Coming back home, I cuddle with my cat on the sofa or read a book.

One goal to share:
I love sharing my passion for healthy food and I love helping people to live happier and healthier lives. I try to inspire people through my classes, my food blog and my health coaching practice but I would love to reach out to more people. One of my goals for this year is to reach out to more people by giving talks at public speaking events.