Amsterdam : Amsterdam Showroom

Danielle De Wildt

I am:
Danielle de Wildt, I am an Essentrics teacher and Master trainer and I run the European branch of Essentrics.

I love:
Cooking and eating, travelling to meet old friends and make new ones, learning something new every day & chocolate

My favorite food:
Healthy AND delicious dishes. With a lead role for vegetables. I love Tex Mex (check out Tomatillo on the Overtoom), hearty salads (love the ones at Vinnies Deli) and yummy desserts with clever replacements for sugar (never throw out an overripe banana!).

My favorite spot in Amsterdam:
The bridges over the Amstel River. The view of the buildings, the houseboats and the Amsterdam skyline always impresses and inspires me. I find it a tranquil spot in the city.

My favorite way to sweat:
Essentrics is my staple workout, I add in a run once in a while to clear my mind and love to do different classes (from yoga to kickboxing) whenever I have the opportunity. Never become a ‘one trick pony’!

How I found lululemon:
My Essentrics friends in Montreal got me hooked. Once I went to a Hong Kong showroom straight from the airport to try on (and buy) some new styles.

A day in the life:
I try to take my time in the morning, I hate to rush breakfast. Then I’m off to teach an Essentrics class somewhere in Amsterdam or straight to the Essentrics office on the Rokin. Even though I work in fitness I spend most of my time behind my desk, writing, planning, organizing, marking teachers exams and answering questions. But no day is the same and there’s always something happening or people to meet. Most evenings I teach an Essentrics class (a great way to loosen up the shoulders from typing away on the computer). After that I hop on my bike and cycle home. Time to chill with hot tea or a glass of red wine.

One goal to share:
Take a road trip through Europe by car, from West to East and North to South with a partner in crime. Not just spending the time driving from one place to another, but taking longer breaks, to catch up with friends, learn about the country, experience the local cuisine and teach Essentrics.