Amsterdam : Amsterdam Showroom

Skadi Van Paaschen

I am:
Grateful for life, now

I love:
Cats and yoga

My favorite food:

My favorite spot in Amsterdam:
Biking through the Rijksmuseum tunnel.

My favorite way to sweat:
Hot yoga

How I found lululemon:
I discovered lululemon on a yin yoga retreat, in Thailand, in 2008

A day in the life:
5:15- Wake-up
5:30- Do neti pot kriyas
5:45- Meditation practice for 12 minutes
6:00- Bike to de Nieuwe Yogaschool to do my Mysore practices.
9:30- Teach yoga class
11:30- Teach private yoga sessions
13:00- Lunch
14:00- Nap
15:00- preparing my classes.
18:00- Teaching yoga classes
22:00- Back home drink a tea or soup
22:30- Meditation
23:00- Go to sleep

One goal to share:
Stay with the heart open and live life from there.