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Blake Ketterer

Blake Ketterer is a southern Maryland native. She grew up in a ballet studio and has over 10 years of ballet/dance training experience. Yoga did not find its way into her life until much later, but when it did, it was a very significant discovery. In 2009, Blake took her first hot power yoga class and it was love at first Surya Namaskar. Since then, she has established a strong regular practice inspired by Power Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Ananda, Anusara, and Hatha. She also draws inspiration and creativity from her dance background. Her classes are multi-styled, reflecting her own practice, and are generally vigorous but welcoming to all levels and abilities. Blake encourages her students to work hard as they move on their mat, switching from thinking to feeling, connecting with their breath, finding their balance between effort and ease, but most of all, always smiling and enjoying the journey to discovery!

Blake is a RYT with Yoga Alliance and received her certification through Yax Yoga Concepts at Hot House in Virginia Beach, VA. She is also a certified Pranassage® practitioner through Ann Hunt Yoga and Nosara Yoga Institute. In addition, she has created and currently leads a yoga program at local CrossFit facilities emphasizing flexibility and mobility. Blake has committed her life to teaching yoga full-time. You can join her at a variety of locations across the southern Maryland and Annapolis areas.