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Cheryl Daugherty

After finishing college Cheryl found fitness to be a great “hobby”. With a dance background and no real athletic ability – fitness classes really appealed to her. Working full time in advertising/marketing Cheryl became more interested in teaching fitness classes and began picking up instructor certifications. After the birth of her second son, she retired from her marketing gig but continued teaching fitness classes. As her boys entered school, Cheryl took on more classes at the gym and expanded both the types of classes she taught and where she taught them. Today Cheryl teaches step, pilates, barbell strength, bootcamp and strike (kick boxing) classes at two different fitness facilities. She has a wondeful, supportive family and hopes to teach for MANY years to come. Cheryl's notorious favorite phrase: “don’t waste your time." She loves trying out our newest product, and boy does she put it to the test!