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Liz Allore Shurmur

USA triathlon certified

Liz grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan playing team sports from a young age. Every activity that she participated in involved quite a few other people: basketball, volleyball, dance, and band. She always spent a large amount of time with family and friends. After high school, college, and a large wedding Liz began looking for her next great adventure. She decided to train for a triathlon. This would be her first solo sporting adventure. For three months she laid in bed each night wanting to tell her husband what she was planning but thought that he would laugh.

After only two seasons of competing she started working with youth interested in multisport. These youth athletes reflect her own drive and determination. Each youth is interested in triathlon for a multitude of different reasons. They aspire to be great at anything and everything they tri.

She now spends most of the summer traveling, racing, and directing races with her husband - who did not laugh but joined her instead. She has completed every distance of running race from 5k to full marathon, and almost all triathlon distances. She is currently training for a full distance triathlon, Ironman Wisconsin. Each race is unique to each and every athlete. Emotions play a large role in mental preparation for each race. Liz strives to be an energy giver to everyone around her; she motivates, encourages, and inspires everyone to not just reach their goals but to reach beyond them.

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