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Natalie Merkel

I am a certified Bikram Yoga instructor. I am blessed to work closely with my sister and brother-in-law who own the Bikram Yoga studio in Northville, Michigan. I have been surrounded by their influence of health and wellness for over ten years. Health and wellness is a passion for me. It has always been a goal and dream of mine to become certified to teach yoga.

It is important to me to help individuals to enhance their lives and inspire others to live their best life. Yoga is about bringing together our mind, body and spirit connection. Yoga has tremendously made a difference in my life and it has created a space for me to see my authentic self and learn to accept and love myself in a healthy way. Life can bring challenges and yoga is a way to bring us back to center and become grounded through breath and stillness.

It has been an amazing journey for me, training under Bikram Choudhury, in California last spring, 2012, I completed a nine-week intensive yoga training. This experience has forever touched my life. I was able to really see what I am made of and I was honored to have fulfilled my dream with others who shared the same spirit and love for yoga as I do. I will be obtaining my Bachelor’s in Social Work this May 2013. I plan to continue my education and receive my Master’s in Social Work . I believe that my education in social work will add another dimension of therapeutic growth for people who need it. I have struggled through the years with self-esteem issues and now I believe in myself. I hope to help others reach deep inside of themselves as I did through yoga and social work.

My wish for each person that I come in contact with, to help them achieve their own goals by self-determination and also help them believe in themselves to see that anything can be possible!