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Rob Morgan

In the fall of 2012, Rob finished his 15th and fastest road marathon to date. His passion for and love of distance running, however, was not born from years and years on the track or on the cross country team. After a youth filled with year round team sports, Rob’s participation dwindled as he transitioned to a career, a family, and graduate school. It took many years for Rob to experience the joy of running. A slow and purpose start, he found his way to his is first marathon finish in Chicago in 2000. The training and the event was such a great experience, Rob went back to Chicago again in 2001 and 2003. Following an injury filled season and a personal worst finishing time in 2003, Rob decided to retire from the distance. Fast forward to 2006, Rob was running for fun and injury free. He was training with a friend who was preparing to run a fall marathon, but Rob had no desire to run another. In early October of that year, Rob’s stepfather passed away after a long battle with cancer. Even though the outcome was known, the end of his dad’s days on earth were tough for the family. The very next week, Rob registered for and ran his fourth marathon finishing nearly 40 minutes better than his 2003 finish time and earning his first trip to run the Boston Marathon. Since that day in 2006, Rob has not looked back. Always finding new ways to be inspired, to be challenged, Rob continues to improve upon his personal records at all distances. Rob leads the PR Fitness Run Club from the Ann Arbor Lululemon. He is a runner, a run coach, a run mentor, and is actively involved in charities involving programs for cancer survivors and youth development. In 2012, Rob traveled to run his fifth Boston Marathon where he made it an even more special event by being married to his now wife, Marie, in the Boston Public Garden two days before they both ran the marathon. In 2013, Rob and Marie will again travel to Boston. Rob plans to run, but Marie will be there for support since she is expecting their future Boston Marathoner in June!