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Sheri Rieli

I began practicing yoga from a fitness background, alternating between
fitness routines and yoga classes. Until eventually my body started craving
yoga, and I found myself wanting to practice on a daily basis. I
immediately started noticing the benefits of a consistent yoga practice on
my mat, as well as off my mat, bringing a sense of peace and balance to my
personal life. Yoga has created a passion within me to share all the
beautiful benefits of a steady yoga practice with others. When I started
teaching yoga I quickly had the desire to teach in an environment with
structure and consistency, so that I could watch the students grow within
their own practice, allowing them to see & feel the many benefits as well.
In 2009 along with my husband, Brent Rieli, we created a place for us to
share our passion and love for yoga, we opened The Plymouth Yoga Room. We
offer daily classes, yoga workshops, kids yoga classes, and a Yoga
Immersion program to help others deepen their practice as well.