Ann Arbor
Ann Arbor

Bashi Saunders

Empower Yoga & Citizen Yoga

Bashi is a native of New York raised in South Florida. A dancer from the age of 3 who minored in dance with a B.S in Marketing from Troy University in Alabama. She discovered yoga 12 years ago when she was expecting her first child and felt an instant connection. Attracted to yoga's grace and intrigued by yoga's peace. Her journey led her to intentionally commit to her practice almost 4 years ago. She believes our paths are already designed and we just have to be open to receive. Bashi says her practice brings her simple relaxation in the purest form. Bashi completed teacher training 3 years ago, learning the beautiful foundations of a yoga practice. She teaches Ashtanga Vinyasa, Power Flow, Yoga Flow and Vinyasa at Empower Yoga and Citizen Yoga. Bashi brings yoga to 40 fourth and... Read the profile >>

Eric Barlett

CrossFit Lower Town

Eric is currently a coach at CrossFit Lower Town in Plymouth, Michigan. He has a degree in Health Education from the University of Massachusetts, CrossFit Level 1 Certified and USAW Olympic Lifting Certified. Eric spent 4 years in the Marine Corps as a Scout Sniper and has been passionate about physical fitness and exercise for the past 30+years. He placed 3rd in the World in Masters 45-49 Division in the 2012 CrossFit Games. Eric qualified for the 2013 CrossFit Games but was unable to compete due to injury. Eric has a profound love for his wife, two kids, three dogs and kettle bells! Read the profile >>

Erin Masek

Studio West

Erin has had a passion for fitness, nutrition and helping people for as long as she can remember. Growing up in a home where healthy eating was implemented at an early age, coupled with her drive in athletics laid the foundation and inspiration for Erin to follow her dreams in the fitness and nutrition world. Following the birth of her third child, Erin started a home based personal training business. Upon growing her clientele and desiring to teach fitness classes, Erin opened Studio West Fitness where she specializes in personal training and kickbox bootcamp classes. Erin genuinely cares for her clients. She loves going to work each day to push clients to their limits, motivate them through diverse workouts and educate through example. Watching her clients progress through mind,... Read the profile >>

Ita Reyes

Ita Yoga Studio

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Ita’s curiosity for yoga started early in life. Her older sisters would playfully encourage her into pretzel like postures that would fascinate her. It was not until much later in life when she would take her first yoga class. It felt like being reunited with a very good friend. After the birth of her first son, Ita gave Yoga Teacher training a shot and immediately became a full time yoga instructor. Her passion for the practice only grew with each moment she got to pass on the benefits of this amazing practice. In 2010 the opportunity to open up her own studio presented itself and with the support of her family, Ita Yoga Studio was born. Today Ita runs her successful yoga studio in Ann Arbor Michigan. Her teaching style is inspired by the... Read the profile >>

Rickita Henderson

Center for Yoga and Lifetime Fitness

Rickita was first introduced to yoga and pilates as a young girl conditioning for dance classes. Many moons, prayers, health issues, yoga classes, and a desk job later, faith and frustration led her to follow her dream of teaching the importance of physical fitness, nutrition, and healthy living. Rickita's classes are challenging and help in the understanding and building of a strong mind, body, and spirit. She is another example of how dreams can come true. So dream big! Rickita's Mission: To serve. To teach self-awareness, self-acceptance, faith, love, and wholeness through the ancient healing practice of yoga, one breath at a time. To be a reminder that you are the gate keeper of your life. You have the power to strengthen and align your mind, body, spirit, and soul. Rickita... Read the profile >>