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Rickita Henderson

Center for Yoga and Lifetime Fitness

Rickita was first introduced to yoga and pilates as a young girl conditioning for dance classes. Many moons, prayers, health issues, yoga classes, and a desk job later, faith and frustration led her to follow her dream of teaching the importance of physical fitness, nutrition, and healthy living. Rickita's classes are challenging and help in the understanding and building of a strong mind, body, and spirit. She is another example of how dreams can come true. So dream big!

Rickita's Mission: To serve. To teach self-awareness, self-acceptance, faith, love, and wholeness through the ancient healing practice of yoga, one breath at a time. To be a reminder that you are the gate keeper of your life. You have the power to strengthen and align your mind, body, spirit, and soul.

Rickita shares her passion for teaching yoga full time at the metro Detroit area Center For Yoga & LifePower Yoga Studios.