Arlington : Clarendon Blvd

Alum Ambassador- Drea Nanini

Drea discovered CrossFit in 2008, and her positive changes started immediately. She discovered the real reasons, the functional reasons, why being active is so important. She rediscovered her love and appreciation that for real food, the kind that comes out of the ground and walks around the land, not the pre-packaged stuff. The better part is that she found a community that continually inspires her.

Drea has a passion for working with mom’s and their children. Her life changed again when she found out that she was going to be a mother. According to doctors, Drea was never “supposed” to be able to have children. Determined to have a natural birth and recover quickly afterwards, she rededicated herself to CrossFit.

Drea continued to use CrossFit throughout her entire pregnancy. At 6 months, she deadlifted 215lbs. At 7 months, she bench pressed 105. Shortly before her 8th month, she successfully completed a two-day CrossFit Coaching program. She is proud of herself for being an inspiration to other mothers, proving to doctors and naysayers that being pregnant isn’t an excuse for being inactive. She is passionate about helping other women reach their pregnancy goals. The pride that she has for all active mothers is immense but she holds a special place in her heart for CrossFitting moms and kids – they ROCK!

Drea is a coach and co-owner of CrossFit South Arlington. She works primarily with moms (pregnant or otherwise) and children.