Arlington : Clarendon Blvd

Alum Ambassador Sima Tamaddon

Ballston CrossFit, CorePower Georgetown, Balance Gym Foggy Bottom

Sima has been physically active her entire life. Whether for competition or for fun, she has always been driven to reach her athletic potential. Exercise brought balance to her life, as she embraced and practiced a "healthy mind - healthy body" lifestyle.

In 1999, Sima's balance was disrupted during a severe car accident. Confronted with the diagnosis that she may never walk without assistance, Sima was determined to prove her doctors wrong. She discovered yoga, and through dedicated practice, overcame the physical and emotional trauma.

Using the passion that empowered her to achieve her own recovery, Sima opened a yoga practice and began to share her story. Through her one-on-one sessions and personalized instruction, Sima showed others how to live in the moment: with a full heart, open mind and generous spirit.

Clients, friends and family members witnessed and admired the positive impact Sima was making in people's lives and encouraged her to share her strength and expertise with others.

You can find Sima teaching yoga at Ballston CrossFit, CorePower Georgetown, and Balance Gym Foggy Bottom.