Kitchin Place

Joe Taft

Asheville Yoga Center, West Asheville Yoga

Joe has been passionate about yoga for over a decade. Initially, he was drawn to the physical benefits, and then over time he developed a deeper appreciation for the attitudinal, spiritual and philosophical aspects. When all these aspects come together for Joe both on and off the mat, then he knows he has achieved a state of yoga. As a yoga instructor, Joe weaves together how the attitudinal and philosophical components manifest in the forms of the poses to express the spirit's essence. Joe gathers inspiration from people who step into their passions fully, and as a result, become transformed into an art form. In Joe's yoga classes the students are encouraged to express their passions and create art through the vehicle of asana. This feeling-based movement shapes Joe’s classes... Read the profile >>

Kim Boose

Asheville Racquet Club

As an instructor, trainer and educator in the fitness world over the years, my journey has been such a learning experience. I still make an effort to continue to learn every day. I have a passion for finding what true fitness means to different people and how they can make it part of their lives. In doing so, staying fit, strong and healthy becomes part of their routine and lifestyle, and hopefully the ones around them. Boxing, spinning, boot camps and anything incorporating the core are my go-to workouts. Being part of building a community of people that support, inspire, challenge, lift, and encourage each other on a daily basis, in and out of the club, has been a long-time dream of mine. I have been fortunate to have met so many quality people on my journey that have helped me... Read the profile >>

Michael Johnson

Asheville Yoga Center, West Asheville Yoga

I love learning about neuroscience and the best behavioral interventions that enable optimal well-being. I have been a full-time yoga instructor and teacher trainer for over a decade. Although I am certi?ed in Jivamukti and have been to India to study Ashtanga with K. Pattabhi Jois, I mostly teach Bhakti Vinyasa and Yin. My aim is to integrate the traditional practices of selfless service, kirtan, ujjayi breathing, and meditation with the insights of Neuroscience and Positive Psychology. To me yoga is not just what I do for an hour on a mat, rather it informs what I do all day and night. I aim to make my classes accessible to people who are just beginning and offer more challenging options for those with more experience. Please join me if you want a practice that is engaging,... Read the profile >>

Sara Levine

Sara Levine Yoga

What makes you do what you do? I guess I’ve always been someone who travels off the beaten path. I have never allowed money to be my motivator. I think my mom somehow instilled this in me, that what really matters is the amount of joy and meaning in life. I do what I do because when I am teaching, I am truly happy - I feel sustained, carefree, and alive – and it doesn’t hurt that my career advancement includes practicing yoga as much as possible! The connections that come from the work that I do, and the moments I witness are worth everything. What or who inspires you? I know it’s cliché, but my students inspire me, especially the ones who become overjoyed by little accomplishments. Don't get me wrong, I love huge breakthroughs – both physical and spiritual, but... Read the profile >>