Auckland : Britomart

Sophie Rimmer


Precise pairing of flowing asana with uplifting, relatable philosophy defines my yoga teaching and is what I commit to bring to each and every class I teach. I know that teaching Yoga is my greatest achievement and privilege in this life. I am constantly reminded of this every Savasana and “see you next time’’ from every student. If students arrive to class with a trapezius full of emotional baggage and extreme feeling of tension and disconnect, the fact that they can authentically chat to someone as they leave class, with feelings of complete space in their bodies and mind is the ultimate reward. Yoga is the reason behind this transformation and I feel incredibly fortunate to be that instructor to guide students back to what they already know.

Some things you might not know about me: I just got married to a funny fella, a full time standup comedian. I own and obsess over my little fury baby Schtig the cat and I used to dance professionally overseas in musicals. I also teach a classical Ballet and Pilates workout class called Xtend Barre twice a week as it feels so right to plié and dance around expressively to up tempo, fun music. It totally takes me back to my dancing days.

My future goals are:

Career: Three more teacher trainings this year. One Local, one overseas and one with someone I truly admire.

Personal: Have a little yogi baby and move in to my first white picket fence home with plenty of space for hanging hammocks, bunting, art work and a room filled with different coloured yoga mats and the smell of coconut scented soy wax candles.

Health: To take 2 days off a week for personal time and my own Yoga practice

Big Hairy Audacious Goal: To start a fantastically successful soy wax candle business, selling at farmers markets, within Yoga studios, online and within creative home stores. By 2016