Auckland : Ponsonby Store

Dave Astley

I am the proud owner and head coach at CrossFit Quattro Ponsonby. I have spent the last 13 years instructing in gyms, running bootcamps, Personal Training and now strength and conditioning coaching. In this time I have guided 100’s of people from all walks of life produce crazy awesome results.

As a tubby teen I was what would be considered a bit of an awkward insecure loner. But I had a dream! Fueled with hormones I imagined myself as a popular, ripped stud surrounded by saucy ladies! At 18 I bit the bullet joining a gym and so my journey began. By the time I was 20 in the year 2000 I had achieved one of my goals which was transforming from a fatty fat fat to someone who was lean, mean and saxsay!

But ultimately living the life of gym rat a.k.a. gym enthusiast and training on my own every day although somewhat fulfilling was ultimately a lonely existence. Something was still missing (And I still had no ladies to speak of)
In 2008 good friend and mentor Darren Ellis introduced me to CrossFit and at the age of 27 I had finally found the two things I was looking for; a wonderful community and kick ass results. I now had a place in life where I met some amazing peeps and felt I "fit in". Something else also appeared for me that I didn't realise I was craving; and that was competition. The competition CrossFit produces, pushes you and your fellow athletes outside your comfort zone and you achieve a level of performance that just isn't possible on your own. Going to battle everyday with your peers generated a friendly rivalry, a mutual respect and a level of camaraderie that simply could not be achieved from your standard gym workout.
I was officially hooked! Opening a CrossFit was what I was going to do and in 2011 CrossFit Quattro Ponsonby opened its doors.

Today the thing that makes me the happiest, is helping people who want to help themselves. Or to quote Quattro’s tag line “Create all sorts of awesomeness”.

It was my intention with Quattro’s inception that something truly special would be created to fulfill this. As an athlete myself I wanted a new home to excel. A place with a real heart and soul. A place where like minded peeps would come to laugh, love, smash workouts, smash life, chew gum kick ass and take names.

New people come in now and see a group of athletes who look INCREDIBLE and do AMAZING things. The guys are built like super heros and the girls are super babes. But not only that they see a group of athletes who care for each other; we laugh, we encourage and we help each other ALWAYS. There are no egos at Quattro only humility, a willingness to help others, respect and understated awesomeness. Moderation has no place at Quattro, only a hunger to fulfill dreams, wants and aspirations.
I know that this does not read like a bio but instead an ad for Quattro but what you must understand is that; I am Quattro; and Quattro is me. But more importantly every single one of my passionate athletes would say that very same thing. My athlete’s are Quattro; Quattro is my athletes. We are all just a piece of something that is greater than ourselves alone yet each one of us contributes to this accumulative awesomeness and this is something I am immensely proud of.