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Graham Smith

Corrective Clinic

I have spent the last 10 years as a coach, athlete and trainer both in NZ and throughout Europe, I have travelled to some amazing places and met some inspiring people. It is these experiences which have affected and driven my approach to physiotherapy.

Whilst working and playing in NZ and abroad, I discovered I had a knack for helping people move... and move well.

I have a simplistic approach to treatment which is mostly irrespective of diagnosis. In short, I believe that faulty loading mechanics are the cause of most peoples pain and in the improving of these mechanics lies the answers to most musculoskeletal issues. This approach has been fostered and developed during my time at The CorrectiveClinic.

At The Corrective Clinic we have group of like-minded Physiotherapists, all of whom are athletes and believe that exercise-based therapy is the way forward. This approach has been well received in the exercise community, with a second location opening in April 2014.

The Corrective Clinic is a one-of-a-kind facility, where real world functional exercise meets manual therapy, and is the ideal setting for me to help people reach their exercise goals injury free.

My other interest (addiction) is Crossfit, I have completed my Crossfit Level 1 trainers certificate and work closely with the super knowledgable crew at Crossfit HPU to achieve some of my own fitness goals. Crossfit has really
challenged my understanding of exercise and nutrition all for the better. An offshoot of this addiction is the ongoing development of our Mobility Classes to help people back to the ranges of motion they were intended to have, using simple physiotherapy methods and a bit of imagination.

2014/15 is promising to be an exciting prospect with lots to learn and new challenges to overcome. Bring it!