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Nikki Harris

Nikki Harris owns and teaches at East West Bikram Yoga in Newmarket and Ponsonby. Nikki found yoga in Vancouver, Canada while working as a chartered accountant. Practicing first Ashtanga yoga then Bikram yoga, Nikki completed Bikram's teacher training in late 2002. Nikki has taught both in Vancouver and Auckland for the last 10 year, and regularly attends seminars with Bikram, Rajashree and senior teachers.

Nikki loves Bikram Yoga because of how she sees it change and enhance peoples lives. In her experience the beginners series is extremely therapeutic, challenging and rewarding, but only once you let go and open up to new way of being.

Her philosophy when teaching- I want to empower people to take responsiblity for their own yoga practice, to cultivate a practice that enhances other aspects of their life. Not to rely on a celebrity teacher or someone else to make them feel alive, but to figure the path themselves. And to find balance! Nikki finds that her life flows better when she's been on the mat. Outside of yoga she likes to relax, walk her dogs, sit in the sun.