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Jennifer Howard-Brown

Jennifer Howard-Brown is a run coach for Rogue Running who is passionate about helping athletes find the joy in running by accomplishing goals of running a particular distance or time. She has completed 14 marathons -- London, NY, Chicago, Austin, San Francisco, San Jose, Dallas and Eugene; more than 3 dozen half-marathons; 2 triathlons; and countless 5k's and 10k's. Jennifer began coaching for Rogue four years ago and has trained hundreds of athletes, who describe her as a Tiger Mom coach -- nurturing with a dash of drill sargeant. She is an eternal optimist who believes her best races are still ahead and that the same holds true for her athletes. She loves helping everyday people accomplish the extraordinary -- whether that's a beginner doing their first 5k or an experienced runner going for a new personal best. Jennifer's goals are to push runners to new & improved fitness levels; make running part of their daily lives; achieve their goals; have fun living a healthy lifestyle; have the cutest running wardrobe; and grow the Austin running community. She is constantly inspired by the athletes around her and firmly believes that if you believe you can, then you can.