Baltimore : Harbor East

Esther Collinetti

Life as a perpetual immigrant has not been easy for Esther, but what has remained constant no matter where she calls home is her appetite for competition and dedication to improvement—both for herself and those she trains.

Esther was born in Nigeria and grew up in Chile. Yet even though this worldly woman’s heart is half French (on her mother’s side) and half Italian (on her father’s side), she was honored to pledge her allegiance to the United States when she declared her citizenship in 2013. Baltimore is Esther’s adopted home where she shares a full life with her husband Jim Givens, their pit bull Eva, and their two rescue cats Raffi and Petunia.

Fitness is integral to Esther’s being and offers her much joy. An avid cyclist since childhood, Esther started training on a road bike when she was 13 years old in an attempt to strengthen her legs so that she would become a more effective and efficient horseback rider. Her cross training on the bike paid off, leading Esther to become the Chilean Dressage Champion in her age group for several consecutive years and the beginning of an exciting cycling journey.

In 2000, Esther became ACE Group Fitness Certified and Precision Cycling Certified. In addition, she is certified as a WaterART Personal Training Specialist. Esther has fourteen years of progressive group fitness experience in diverse facilities, including university recreation centers, private health clubs, community centers, resort fitness clubs, and corporate fitness establishments. As a frequent and active traveler, Esther has taught fitness classes in Australia, France, Nigeria, and Jamaica. Esther and her husband (who is also an avid cyclist), lead special fundraising cycle classes throughout the year to engage clients with charitable causes through sweat and inspiration.

In 2013 Esther opened up Baltimore’s first cycle studio with her business partner Rick Zambrano. REV Cycle Studio is the area’s first boutique fitness studio offering specialized cycling and yoga classes under one roof. Located on McHenry Row at 1718 Whetstone Way, REV has theater-style cycle studio with Schwinn AC Performance Plus stationary bikes. All bikes have clipless pedals and an MPower Echelon Console for tracking heart rate, calories burned, power, and RPM in real time. Fitness progress reports can be downloaded for tracking individual performance history. REV offers 45- and 60-minute cycle classes, yoga-only classes and an option to combine a cycle workout with a cyclist- or runner-specific yoga class.

Esther teaches several cycle classes at REV; check out the schedule for her next class at www.revuupcom.