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Erin Evans


Erin Evans was born in Nairobi, Kenya, when her parents participated in a house swap with an African family. This was only a short term arrangement however, and her parents eventually returned to Canada, raising Erin in Saskatchewan. After taking a holiday in Banff at the end of university, Erin discovered that the town was a melting pot of cultures that she wanted to immerse herself in. But, it was not until she moved to the Bow Valley that she discovered her true calling to teach yoga.

Always active throughout her youth and competing and excelling in every sport she tried, Erin never realized that being active could become a job. After attending the University of Saskatchewan for Business, Erin found herself working in human resources. It soon became apparent, however, that this job was more attractive because of the attire she got to wear than the role itself.

Whilst working at the Banff Centre, Erin met her difference maker, Tora Jansen. A local yoga instructor, Tova Jansen introduced Erin to the world of yoga, both physical and spiritual. Erin was amazed at how articulate, bright, and graceful Tova was as a working mother, and decided that yoga was something she wanted to pursue. It wasn't until Erin changed jobs and moved to the Chateau Lake Louise that she discovered yoga was something she could teach.

With no teachers in Lake Louise and an ever-growing sense of need to self practice and share yoga, Erin decided to start teaching to friends. The group was small at first, but this quickly grew in popularity and Erin found she had a small following. Not fully confident in creating a smooth flow, Erin was advised by Tova Jansen to get her teaching certification. Erin took her teaching course, however it was not until an accident scrambling on Mount Norquay that Erin realized yoga was something she wanted to teach.

Erin had a near fatal accident on Mount Norquay, and it was during this moment of broken wrists and bruises that she truly felt her breath and realized that pain was just a sensation and that she was truly alive. This was a great moment of clarity. Yoga had become a life style, and Erin came to feel that making the most income was not the important thing in life. Pursuing and sharing something she loved with others was and continues to be.

Erin is a fun, inspirational, and a much-loved member of the community and now teaches Power Vinyasa Flow throughout the Bow Valley. We like to call her our ‘travelling yogi.’