Banff : Banff

Trish Huston


I find my yoga on a mat, in a great book, or on an invigorating hike in the Rockies. My love of yoga began while watching my Mom practice to VHS tapes when I was just a little yogi practicing happy baby pose.

I moved to Banff in 2011 for what was supposed to be a short adventure, but the beauty of Banff drew me back for more. Immediately welcomed into the yoga community, I knew I had to stay.

Trained in Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga and drawn to any style that lets me move, breath, create space and community, I am eager to learn and practice all forms of yoga. My passion for this practice lies in it's ability to transform your life; teaching you that anything is possible, whether it's a posture on the mat or a life long goal.

I am humbled by the practice everyday whether learning a new posture, or studying of yoga philosophy to understand relationships, life and this crazy ride we’re all on.

My passions include creativity, community, health and wellness, spreading the love, homemade baked goods, back bends and forward folds ('cause it's all about balance, right?) I am convinced that the world can be transformed by the teachings of yoga.

I believe that every teacher is forever a student and every student is a profound teacher.

Practice and all is coming – K. Pattabhi Jois