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Kristin DeMarco

Kristin DeMarco was introduced to yoga through an injury. While trail running on the Blue Ridge Parkway in 2002 she fell, sustaining an injury that made it impossible to do any typical athletes fitness regimen. No running, no swimming, no biking, barely walking- panic ensued rapidly. Until one of the coaches at her University introduced her to pilates and yoga as a way to deal and heal. This is frequently how we try something new; through a totally strange and scary experience that necessitates transformation, adaptation and stark, complete honesty. To her surprise, she loved it. Having a background in dance and gymastics, yoga and pilates provided a natural conduit to channel that part of her past and filled something in her life that had been missing: creative expression and healing through physical movement. Once healed, Kristin pursued her training in both yoga and pilates but the seed was already planted for her to be a persistent fitness "interloper"- she is fond of incorporating strength training and functional movement into yoga and pilates and vice versa wherever possible. Everything is cross training! She believes that yoga is meant to take care of you, and that the specific kind of care you need may not necessarily be a yoga pose, and that practicing "real" yoga, doesn't always mean practicing asana. Kristin draws from a variety of disciplines and teachers in her classes to create a dynamic and powerful vinyasa, or flow, practice, including Shiva Rae, Baron Baptiste and Matthew Sweeney. She has currently been teaching pilates and yoga since 2004 and is a certified personal trainer, fitness instructor, pilates mat & equipment instructor, runner, crossfitter, coastal ecologist, animal lover and music enthusiast.