Baton Rouge : Baton Rouge Showroom

Stacye Graham

I was so touched when asked to be an ambassador, and then delighted to be in the company of amazing people. Upon our first meet and greet we were challenged to goal set....our lives....ten years out. When writing this bio it hit me that that is who I As I reinvent myself, I look ahead to each day of my future.

My Daddy was a gentleman's spy for the Army and his area was South America. We moved often, it was an extremely volatile time in Buenos Aires and my family was in the middle of it. So, on one hand you had civil war, and the other this wildly beautiful country. We embraced Porteño down to our souls. We grew up with natural before it was natural; traveled every chance we got, developing quite a gypsy heart. We grew up alive! We grew up outdoors, walked everywhere, and were surrounded by people who loved and laughed. These people truly lived each day.

I became vegan upon returning to the states, and have embraced those food choices ever since. I was exposed to yoga and running, and considered myself a runner who did yoga to stay sane. My entire running life encompassed the life of a stray pup that came out of the woods on a morning run. He kept me great company and stayed for seventeen for each run with me. To keep him cool, Trooper sported a Mohawk all those running years.

When running was no longer an option for my friend Trooper, I found Yoglates. It is my workout, church, therapist, and family. I became an instructor at the urging of Susan Marchand and Lorilin Braymer, and consider it one of the best decisions of my life. I am constantly amazed at what our bodies are capable of and how blessed we are. I am genuinely proud to represent for my Yoglates family.