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Shannon Garvey

Down Dog

Shannon Garvey first stepped onto the yoga mat during her career as a varsity swimmer for the University of Notre Dame. Hoping to lengthen her stroke, Shannon discovered that her yoga practice offered her benefits that went much deeper than her physical body.

Not only did she enjoy increased flexibility of her muscles but also of her mind. Inspired to become a biology and physiology instructor, she went on to complete a Master’s in Science Education at Indiana University.

As a teacher, Shannon has worked with diverse student bodies including adolescents, the Notre Dame Women’s Basketball Team, pre-and post-natal women, and families with children. She is a certified Personal Trainer, AFAA Exercise Instructor, and Moms-In-Motion Teacher.

In her yoga classes, students learn to enjoy the process of the practice even in moments of real physical and mental intensity. Shannon’s teaching philosophy emphasizes the importance of functional training. She is committed to helping her clients develop the balance between physical strength and emotional flexibility that is essential to their lives both on and off the mat.

Having recently relocated from Boston, Shannon now lives in the DC area with her husband and three small children. She feels lucky to have found a home at Down Dog Yoga, and is thrilled to be sharing her teachings with such a powerful community of dedicated practitioners.