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Tano Mazi

Down Dog Yoga

In the spring of 2008, tanO took his very first yoga class on the same day that he was hired at lululemon athletica. He eventually took classes at a variety of studios, including Down Dog Yoga, but as his practice grew steadily over time, he developed a strong connection to the physical practice and an interest in the principles of yoga. With a solid background in various sports and general fitness, overall, tanO developed a strength training regimen that centered on using his own body weight and natural resistance. He began to incorporate yoga into his weekly routine of running, biking and strength training and immediately began to see a transformation take place. Not only was he becoming stronger physically, but also mentally and even spiritually.

tanO completed several workshops and trainings over the past two years which reinforced his commitment to practicing more yoga. He ultimately set a goal to become a yoga teacher, and Down Dog was an ideal fit. tanO continues to incorporate yoga into his life on a daily basis at Down Dog now, as he has transitioned from assistant to teacher. Through Down Dog, tanO recently completed a 200-hour Vinyasa certification with Rolf Gates.

tanO simply enjoys being a student of yoga – whether he is on his mat, or leading the class in practice.