Old Woodward

Andrea Carollo

Run Club

Andrea never thought that she would become a runner. Now she can't imagine life without it. Running started as part of a "get-healthy" exercise plan. Before long Andrea began entering 10K races, then half-marathons. Now Andrea is working toward achieving her goal of running a marathon or ultra-marathon in every state. When not working as a residential real estate agent or spending time with her Yorkshire Terrier named Birkin, Andrea is running. She has run over 20 marathons, including the Pikes Peak Marathon in Colorado, The Bigfoot Kahtoola Snowshoe Marathon in Utah, The Northface Ultra-marathon in Wisconsin,"back-to-back" full and half marathons in New Hampshire and Maine in the same weekend and even the "impromptu" New York City marathon in 2012 which Andrea and thousands of... Read the profile >>

Becky Siden

Yoga Shelter

The Yoga Shelter gave me more than I imagined, including friendship, knowledge, community, and freedom. After practicing yoga at the Shelter I noticed my life start to change. I was able to practice being the observer while also being compassionate to myself. I began to feel true self-acceptance by looking inwards….reminding myself that this is a yoga practice and I am human, nothing to achieve. Yoga helps us to live from a place of empowerment and surrender, allowing us to experience freedom and our authentic self. This has allowed me to walk my edge both on and off the mat. My passion is to offer a space where we nurture self-growth, feel, heal, explore our edge, have fun, embrace ourselves, and so much more while remaining in the present moment. This = priceless! I teach from the... Read the profile >>

Carly Goidosik

The Dailey Method

Carly is fascinated by the body and how it moves! After earning her Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology from MSU, she moved to Chicago. A self-proclaimed "sweataholic," Carly appreciates a wide variety of different exercise methods. While running half marathons Carly stumbled upon The Dailey Method, fell in love, and quickly realized she had found her passion and calling. With her exercise science background, Carly believes The Dailey Method encompasses every fitness component in the most efficient and effective way. She loves to witness how it empowers others to be their most vibrant selves. "It is a mind and body transformation." Carly served as Master Teacher Trainer at The Dailey Method La Grange outside Chicago when she was recruited by the local lululemon team to... Read the profile >>

Jacquie Ciavaglia

Center for Yoga

Jacquie has been working with Center for Yoga for almost 10 years! Her energy and passion is palbable in class. Her training and experience really contribute to her radiant teaching style! Read the profile >>

Kacee Must

Citizen Yoga

Practicing since the age of twelve, Kacee’s exploration of yoga became not only a form of physical exercise, but self-expression and self-exploration. Kacee graduated from Northwestern in 2006 with a Bachelors Degree in Communication Studies with a concentration in Anthropology. In the summers of 2004 and 2005, she traveled throughout Southeast Asia, studying Buddhism and Thai culture, as well as volunteering as an English teacher in a local Thai school. After graduation, she explored Turkey, Israel, Australia and more. In 2007, she moved to Michigan and began a study of energy healing, nutrition, massage and yoga. These studies led Kacee to enrolling at the Vedanta Academy in India where she completed 2 ½ years. The Academy educates one in Vedic Philosophy and... Read the profile >>

Natalie Piet

Karma Yoga

Natalie Piet, RYT is a Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher and an Ayurvedic Inner Medicine Practitioner. She utilizes Anusara Yoga and Ayurvedic Medicine to help her students evolve and improve their health as a gateway to Higher Consciousness. Read the profile >>

Paul Witherspoon

Blue Yoga

Born in England and long time native of metropolitan Detroit, Paul has been a dedicated vinyasa yoga practitioner for well over a decade. As a teacher, he inspires his students to light their own internal fire, cultivating deep relaxation and encouraging self-discovery and transformation through synchronized breath and movement. Delivering classes that have the intensity for challenging the body and engaging the mind, increasing strength, stamina, flexibility and balance while enhancing physical health and well being. Teaching from the heart, Paul gives students an extraordinary experience through a dynamic class, taking the mind and body on a journey and assisting students to reach their full potential, both on and off the mat! "You're only as young as the last time you changed... Read the profile >>

Zach Shandler

Art of Strength

Zach's interest in fitness was sparked during his senior year of high school when he began weight training. Years later, he planned to get into the special forces for the military. He had been training with Mike at Art of Strength, who saw potential and offered Zach a job. Zach has been working at Art of Strength for a year now, and enjoys motivating his students through his crossfit classes. Read the profile >>