Bloomington : Mall of America

Andrea Atherton


Andrea began her journey with yoga in 2008. Her professional dance career left her injured and searching for a new passion. The discovery of yoga and the community surrounding it has transformed her life. Yoga and building community has now become Andrea's passion.

Originally certified in Ashtanga yoga, Andrea connects very deeply to the movement of the human body. After attending the Moksha/Modo month long training program Andrea found her life's ambition. Returning home to teach full-time and manage the studio has allowed Andrea to bring together her passions for teaching and building community.

Andrea's classes provide crystal clear cues and intensely planned sequences. The ability to help students feel supported and at ease in her classes make them accessible to all types of people. Andrea's classes can range from soothing and restorative to intense and challenging. She is consistently working to guide people to discovering themselves through the practice of yoga.

Andrea's passion for growth and learning keeps her striving to become even better. She is consistently attending new seminars and searching for feed back. Her mission is to build a supportive community for all people needing somewhere to belong.