Boca Raton : Boca Town Center

Christine Lewis


"As in life, balance in our Yoga practice is much more about mental focus and awareness of the present moment than it is about physically muscling our way through the pose or the circumstance presented to us. I believe that Yoga nourishes the Soul and elevates the consciousness of everyone who spends the time to work on themselves while on the mat. Yoga transformed my life over the last decade by strengthening my sense of Self and my physical body, so I am inspired to share the gift of Yoga with the world.

Although my educational background is concentrated in Geology, I consider my Self to be a student of the Universe. As with everything in this life, my Yoga practice is constantly evolving and I make a conscious effort to explore all styles and expressions of Yoga to build and expand both my practice and my ability to communicate the intricacies of the Yoga postures to my students. The Vinyasa flow I share with my students uses the power of the breath to stimulate the Chakras by combining the physically rigorous practice of the Yoga asanas with a mental “work-in” that purifies and rejuvenates the soul. The Anuttara Raja Deep Stretch Meditation class guides students through hip and shoulder opening sequences on the floor to permit gravity to do the physical work in relieving tension in the body while the student is free to find joy and bliss in the playground of the mind. I lead Yoga retreats around the world that give students the freedom to attain balance of mind, body, and spirit to reinvigorate the Soul while connecting with our Mother Earth in spectacular locations across the globe.

In every class my goal is to give students an enhanced awareness of the power of their own presence and the power of their contribution to the global collective consciousness, knowing that the work we do on ourselves on the yoga mat is the preparation for the work we do in our communities and the world. The energy we create in our own lives will shift the collective consciousness of the global community, so we must make a positive contribution and BE the source of positive energy in our own lives to leave behind a legacy of love."