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Audrey Millstein

Born and raised in a small town in Kansas, Audrey had a lot of room to run, play, jump and create. A dirt pad as the basketball court, a mowed field for softball, pond for swimming, gravel roads for running and an older brother as an “opponent”, the career started. A 3rd degree brown belt at the age of 12, Audrey was ready to compete. To be unaffected by the variety of motion, was now known to be impossible. Audrey took all of the background of her junior Olympics in basketball and track and became a division 1 collegiate athlete….and then fell to injury. A blown ACL and a frustrated mind Audrey began physical therapy and a year later, blew the same knee same ACL all over again. Depressed and crushed, she moved to Los Angeles and began her 2 year, 2000 hour pilates apprentice ship at The Pilates Studio of Los Angeles. After the 2-year stint, she opened up her own private practice combining the new pilates with all of the athletic training of her past. After 8 years of an extremely successful business in Los Angeles, she packed up her bags and moved to Boise. She now teaches Pilates at the Muse in Boise.

Audrey’s teachings are a tribute to her past coaches. Ever comment that they made, every ounce of focus and passion that they gave her drives and fuels her practice today. The focus is on alignment, effort, precision and fun. To be the best athlete you can be, to give 100% because YOU want to. Audrey truly believes that her client can become anything they want to, but with that, comes the work. And with the work comes the genius, the genius of strength