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Becca Tegen

Bikram Yoga Boise

Becca Tegen grew up in Boise Idaho with a steep inclination toward adventure and exploration. While living in New York City, she was introduced to Bikram Yoga by a coworker and attended her first class in downtown Manhattan in September of 2005. By the end of that initial class she felt a deep sense of peace and clarity; she loved the consistency, heat, and challenge of Bikram. From that point forward Becca knew she had found something that she truly loved.

With a consistent practice, the changes she began to see in herself - mentally, physically and emotionally were life altering. Becca began to cope much better under stressful situations and found her overall attitude towards life became more relaxed and positive. She always knew she wanted to be more involved with the yoga. Becca attend the Spring 2011 Bikram Yoga teacher training in Los Angeles and became a full time instructor upon her return to Boise. Becca feels deeply fortunate to have gained the skills to offer the benefits of the practice to others and is honored to be part of the amazing Bikram community!