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Jenni Hooker

Gold's Gym

Jenni Hooker - has spent the last five years as a Les Mills licensed BodyJam instructor and has added BodyAttack and most recently BodyPump to her schedule at Gold's Gym. While Jenni enjoys all different types of physical activity, her passion is dance. Beginning at the age of four, Jenni has competed in both team and individual local and national competitions. She also had the opportunity to open the Holiday Parade in Hollywood, CA while dancing with the Harvey Neef Mane Line Dancers.

Jenni also takes the time to travel at least one a year and learn from the Les Mills International Program Directors and National Trainers. Last year, she received one on one training from Gandalf Archer, the BodyJam International Program Director from New Zealand, along with many Nationally Certified Trainers. This year, she is looking forward to seeing all of them again in Arlington, Texas.

When you find yourself in Jenni's class, you'll notice her only two rules are to work hard and have fun! Her passion for fitness is obvious from the first time you meet her.