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Kevin Everett

Treasure Valley YMCA

Kevin is in the business of testing the limits of the human heart both for himself and the athletes he coaches, and finds it to be a rewarding affair.This includes all aspects of the human heart; the physiological limits of the cardiovascular system to the astounding potential of the human spirit.
Working at the YMCA has shown him the benefits of leading an active lifestyle. As a full time Head Coach to Master’s Swimming (Sawtooth Masters) and Triathlon (Boise Y TriClub) he balances these roles while competing as a professional triathlete. The challenges are compelling and satisfying especially when one sees the health benefits the community receives from enjoying regular vigorous aerobic exercise.
The YMCA represents the community demographics and the Master’s Swimming and TriClub look to challenge every individual; from the beginners to the experienced athlete. The transformation people take after 2 – 3 months of consistent, group supported, and fun training can be remarkable.
An active lifestyle really can feed the soul, and truly goes much deeper than an improved cardiac output. Leading an active lifestyle builds friendships, gives you a wonderful reason enjoy the great outdoors, and teaches you the nuances of breathing in each moment. It bestows one humility, patience and persistence. You eat better, sleep better and find more compassion in your life. At the core, we’re all endurance athletes and a great deal of happiness can come from exploring this realm, so here’s to breathing more in your life!