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Kris Taylor

Kris Taylor LOVES to dance! Her passion for dance and movement led her to develop Deep Dance Experience (DDX). Prior to founding the DDX program, Kris studied intensely for several years with a teacher of the Diamond Heart and Mind Study. The focus of this series is to orient and guide those
individuals who are engaged in the difficult process of essential realization.Combining her knowledge of emotional connectivity with her joy in the freedom of dance, Kris created the foundation of Deep Dance Experience. She realized this was an opportunity for her and her students to reach new levels in exercise. Kris considers herself a Dance Coach. Her ability to inspire non-choreographed, free-form dance to carefully selected music is truly an experience like no other in group fitness settings for dancers and non-dancers alike.
Kris regularly leads groups averaging more than 50 students at the downtown Boise YMCA. She is also active in fundraising for the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign and has led DDX classes for children of all ages, from elementary through high school.
Her enthusiasm is so contagious that in 2005 she was selected to dance alongside Prince, who was performing in concert at Key arena in Seattle in front of 17,500 people! 2010 brought a new chapter to Kris’s career with MUUV a creative center for movement. MUUV reaches out to those looking for a different kind of to exercise experience. At MUUV Kris teaches other classes in addition to DDX, classes inspired by her continued passion to help people heal through the power of movement.
Kris lives in Boise with her husband of 20 years. Together, they love raising their two children. When she isn’t dancing, you will find her working alongside her husband in the real estate industry, hiking the Boise front with her girlfriends or spending time hanging out with her family.