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Sarah Durney

Ashtanga Boise

Sarah Durney loves movement and is inspired daily by the amazing and healthy effects of a regular yoga practice. Sarah teaches and practices ashtanga vinyasa yoga, rock climbs, skis, and dances traditional Argentine tango. She believes sticking to things that you are passionate about brings great results: practice, play, devote, and focus. These, she believes are the best teachers. She is constantly humbled by her ashtanga practice, teaching and practicing are both difficult; but more difficult is the daily dedication on and off the mat that make the practice unique. Every single time, the practice brings new awarenesses and wisdom; it is only if you are able to listen, that you can understand the benefits and the enlightenment that comes with such practices.
After a trip to India and studying Ashtanga Yoga under the guru, Shri K. Pattabhi Jois, Sarah opened Ashtanga Yoga Boise in 2008. Sarah seeks to share her knowledge and dedication to the practice of ashtanga yoga with others. Ashtanga Yoga Boise is committed to helping others find joy and happiness through yoga in their own way.