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Cara Gilman

Sweat and Soul Yoga

Cara Gilman is a 200 hour certified yoga teacher and spin instructor who embodies high energy and optimism. Her motivation stems from the desire to help others feel more connected to themselves in a world where it's challenging to feel present and confident. Cara found yoga, like many do, as a result of pain. As a marathon runner and active athlete, she turned to yoga for the physical benefits—to become stronger and more flexible. However, her practice transformed how she felt in her body and how she approached life.

This transformation led Cara to where she is today—teaching yoga and spin classes to individuals of all experience levels. Cara's classes will replenish you from the inside out; guiding you through a challenging, heat building sequence focused on connecting every movement with breath. Cara integrates the styles and wisdom of her teachers, Lynne Begier, Bonnie Argo, Chanel Luck and Shiva Rea to inspire students, to empower students, and to make students feel connected to all parts of themselves.