Boston : Newbury

Ali Baldassare

A Jersey girl by nature, Ali is a pilates & fitness instructor in Boston, a ball of energy, creator of MSL Pilates & Fitness and lover of all healthy things! As a dancer and athlete all her life, Ali has always been passionate about fitness, the body, and the wonderful ways fitness can change a person's life and she has always embraced and promoted the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle. She followed her heart & turned her passions into a full blown bustling fitness career. She has over 8 years of group fitness experience, has trained a multitude of private clients, & holds various fitness certifications. She teaches classes ranging from Barre, Pilates, Cycling, Zumba, Cardio Dance, Piloxing, & strength conditioning classes. You'll be able to find her at Equinox, North End Yoga, or Beacon Hill Athletic Club inspiring & motivating her students to change their bodies through her fun, innovative and challenging classes. Whether it's in one of her popular group fitness classes or a one on one training session, her passion for fitness and her energetic personality is contagious and can motivate anyone to work hard and have fun. Her teaching style is disciplined & tough because she believes everyone needs that push out of their comfort zone to be the best they can be. Through her knowledge of and belief in a well rounded fitness program, she strives to challenge, motivate, inspire, & educate her students to help them achieve their own unique fitness goals & create a life that they can look at & say with confidence, "I created this life & I'm in love with it! This is my body. I've worked hard to take care of it and I'm proud of what I accomplished!" She believes one of our greatest abilities is the ability to create change: change our bodies, our minds, our perceptions and our lives. Although not always easy, that change is often realized when, through patience and persistence, you finally find the right balance of elements that work for you and that allow for you to live a life you love in a body you love. When she's not teaching group classes or training clients, she loves to TAKE class - particularly yoga. She's also a marathon runner and loves the challenge and thrill of road racing. Her running career is only a few years old, but Ali has run countless half marathons and 2 full marathons. She will be racing in her third marathon in April 2014 - her second consecutive Boston Marathon. She absolutely loves the fitness community and all the opportunities that has come her way. Ali is extremely thankful to all of her mentors and the wonderful people she has met through the fitness community whom continually motivate her to be the best she can be. Her philosophy is you get out what you put in and you make time for what's important. Being fit and healthy is not always easy - that's a fact - but it is always rewarding and that's why she loves her job -- helping people to discover that hidden confidence, that life-changing experience, that feeling of success when their lives begin to change for the better. Never strive for perfection, but rather for progress & growth, for knowledge & inspiration, for happiness & love & for the enjoyment of the journey itself. Move with Intention. Sweat with Passion. Love yourself to the fullest. For more about Ali visit