Boston : Newbury

Melinda Sarkis

One of Boston’s most respected real estate agents, Melinda who currently works at Hammond Residential, was born and raised in New Hampshire and attended The Walnut Hill School for the Arts where she trained as a classical ballerina. Melinda studied at Rosella Hightower in France, Les Grand Ballet in Canada and Boston Ballet. After leaving the ballet world, Melinda explored the path of Yoga and has studied the Iyengar Method. She was featured in Patricia Walden’s Yoga for Beginners DVD which was a huge honor and personal accomplishment.

With a desire for more adventure and challenge Melinda decided to train for triathlons. After an injury prevented her from training for sometime a friend introduced her to Core Fusion. The combination of strength and flexibility exercises were right up her alley, and after her first class she was hooked. Melinda is currently on staff at Exhale Mind Body Spa as a Core Fusion teacher, where she fulfills her passion and determination to live a healthy life outside of her real estate career.

After her mom had a massive stroke in 2010, Melinda set a goal to run the 2011 Boston Marathon, as a member of Tedy Bruschi’s Team. As one of the top fund raisers for the charity she raised over 24K to heighten awareness for stroke prevention. This year she’s running again.

The commitment, professionalism and energy learned through her dance training have been evident in each career path she has held. Melinda has a nuclear reactor level of energy and you would be doing both your mind and body a favor to take one of her classes.