Boston : Newbury

Todd Skoglund

I fell in love with the physical practice of yoga for its ability to ground me in the present moment, uniting my internal world with external experience, and I am incredibly fortunate to be able to share this with my students.

I do not practice or teach any one “style” of yoga. Instead, I try to filter all of my various influences: Ashtanga, Iyengar, Forrest, Vinyasa, Shadow, Budokon, Aikido, Hand Balancing, Capoeira, Jujitsu, Eastern Philosophy and Meditation, through my own practice and exploration.

While each class flow is different, in general I focus on moving from one's center with intelligent core building through fun and creative sequencing, longer holds, and arm balancing postures. I encourage transitioning with grace, articulation and control from one posture to the next to develop whole-body core strength, stable alignment, coordination and a greater range of controlled motion. Each class is taught with light-hearted purpose and with great respect for my students' health and safety.

I give thanks to my many many teachers whose influence, both direct and indirect, has profoundly influenced my practice and teaching. Including but in no way limited to, Ana Forrest, Glenn Black, Shandor Remete, Cameron Shayne, David Magone, David Vendetti, and Jill Miller.

Todd co-owns South Boston Yoga.