Boston : Prudential Center

Bojan Mandaric

November Project

Bojan (pronounced Boyan) Mandaric, born and raised in Serbia, made his way across the pond in 2002 after being recruited to row at Northeastern University Men's Crew Team. After wining a few rowing accolades at the national and international level, Bojan decided to turn his interests to running and cycling. He now lives in Boston with his wife and a 100 pound German Shepard. He also co-leads November Project, a FREE fitness movement that encourages folks of all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels to pursue badass workouts and off-line human interactions. November Project is currently in seventeen cities, two countries, across 4 times zones in North America but Bojan is not satisfied. He won’t rest until every city in the world has access to these amazing free workouts. His shaved head and Eastern European look can sometimes radiate scary or arrogant personality, but that misconception is gone as soon as he brings you in for a massive bear hug.