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Dootsie Risch

One of the happiest days of Dootsie's life besides getting married and having kids was when she was approached by lululemon, Bridgewater, to serve as an Ambassador. I remember being on a "high" for the rest of the day bursting with positive energy that was contagious! That same energy is what I bring to Inferno Hot Yoga Studio (located in Mendham, NJ) and what I bring to the mat every day. My yoga journey began many years ago when I reached a point of stagnation at my job in Pediatrics. Although I loved being around the children, the daily routine and long hours were beginning to wear me down and have a negative effect on my health. I have always had a saying that I live by..."If TODAY, right now is as good as it gets, are you happy where you are in life?" Having answered no, I began to lay out my course for the future. I decided to try a hot yoga class to relieve some stress and was instantly addicted! After practicing daily for about a year, I started my teacher training, got my RYT certification and opened my own yoga studio. It was a truly a whirlwind process and quite an undertaking. I continue to take workshops and additional teacher trainings to keep fresh and juicy! I am very fortunate to be doing what I love for a living, as it is a rarity in this world.
Namaste, Om Shanti!