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Jessie Haims

Jessica Haims is a 200hr certified yoga alliance teacher located in Northern NJ offering alignment based vinyasa yoga. Jessie began yoga four years ago after searching for a physical practice that would help enhance her dancing abilities as well as aid many of the physical problems she faced with her body. After her first class she went to she was immediately hooked and started practicing all over NJ and NYC to explore different styles. After a year and a half of serious practicing Jessie decided she wanted to get certified and pursued her first 200 hours. To date she has over 400 teacher training hours and over 2,000 hours of teaching experience.

Since then Jessica has studied extensively from Katonah Yoga; a method of yoga that uses Taoist theory and seeks to apply geometrical patterns in the body, learning how they create a harmonious relationship between body, mind, and breath. Jessica's mission and approach to yoga is to serve the need of each individual body. Doing extensive training under Phillip Askew through Katonah Yoga, she understands how the body fits together and needs to function. Using the body as a framework to support all the internal organs is how one feels best and achieves optimum health; the very goal and mission Jessie strives to give every student. Applying concepts of sacred geometry to the body allows her to see and give maximum support to each individual student. Her process of teaching is a way of reading the body and readjusting each person to stack their bones in proper alignment. Jessica believes that our bodies are instruments and that yoga is the tool to keep them in tune. Through asana practice and pranayama (the physical practice and breathing exercises) she has helped many students transform their lives, making them healthier, stronger, and happier.