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Maggie Gutowski

Owner of Crossfit Novus in Whitehouse Station, meet this amazing runner & athlete, Maggie Allen. For as long as she can remember, fitness has been deeply woven into Maggie's life. In her own words, "I have pictures of myself at the age of 3 years old smiling while holding up a barbell made of a wooden broomstick and two 2½ lb. plates on each end standing in my parents...’ living room with the weight overhead along with the rest of my siblings. As the years progressed, the weights may have gotten heavier and the races longer but the smile never left my face." Crossfit Endurance & Level 1 certified, a personal trainer, spin instructor, and business owner, Maggie inspires us to do more & to be more than ever imagined. "My aspiration is to reach out to as many different populations and bring in that sense of community, strong independence and self-confidence across the lifespan."
It doesn't get much better than that.