Brisbane : Carindale

Lorelle Holm


Lorelle Holm is a Pilates Instructor at Pilates Studio 64 at Hendra and Albany Creek, where she teaches group mat work classes and Booty Barre. Lorelle joined the team at Pilates Studio 64 to further her training with Body Arts and Science International (BASI) where she enjoys working closely with clients with privates, Semi privates and with full Pilates apparatus equipment.

A runner for many years, Lorelle began her Pilates journey when a running injury sparked her desire to seek new direction in her life along with a new career. Lorelle started practicing Pilates, and was drawn to its ability to support better posture and strengthen her body from the core. When she one day saw a poster at her local studio advertising a teacher training course, Lorelle knew that she wanted to share her knowledge of Pilates and elevate those around her.

Lorelle has a unique and eclectic style that focuses on strength and lengthening, and reflects her dedication and passion for her practice. Through her teaching, Lorelle provides a welcoming and positive energy that she hopes has the effect of rippling out to the wider community. She encourages her students and those around her to connect their inner selves, and aims to enable people to live the longest, healthiest lives they possibly can, irrespective of age.

Her dedication to Pilates sees Lorelle always seeking to self-improve, and develop her skills as a Pilates instructor. Lorelle is currently Studying an Adv. Dip. of Nutritional Medicine so as to provide a more holistic level of coaching for her students. Lorelle’s ultimate goal is to own a studio and retreat space on her family’s property in Kilarney, Queensland, where she can provide a more individual and holistic experience for her students.